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Asthma is an ongoing disease of the airways characterised by cough, wheeze, shortage of breath or chest tightness. With treatment someone with asthma should be able to carry out activities as comfortably as those who do not have asthma.

At the review the doctor will check your symptoms, peak flow reading, inhaler requirements, and your technique in taking your inhaled drugs (so do remember to bring along all the inhalers and spacers you currently use to your appointment!). You may also wish to discuss any asthma-related concerns you have at this time.

In addition, the doctors positively encourage patients to arrange an appointment should they have any concerns about their asthma at other times of the year, and after any emergency hospital visits. We hope however that these will be very few.

With asthma under control, the ideal is for it to fit in with your life and not your life to fit around your asthma.

  Seaholm Surgery, Skerries, Co. Dublin
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