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Minor Surgery


Our doctors are skilled in minor surgery and joint injections. They can perform excisions of minor skin lesions such as moles, sebaceous cysts and some lipomas. Also they give steroid injections into shoulders, elbows & knees to help with arthritis and tendonitis.

Our doctors may be able to perform some minor surgery procedures within the practice, and if you wish to discuss the possibility of getting a minor surgical procedure done, you should make an appointment with your usual GP. This initial assessment is necessary to discuss the availability of various procedures, and to decide on the best course of action.

If, after your initial GP consultation, it has been agreed that minor surgery at the practice is the best way forward, you will be given an appointment when the surgery will take place in one of the practice treatment rooms.

Before any surgery is done, you will be asked to sign a consent form confirming that the nature and possible complications of the procedure have been fully explained to you.

After the procedure, the doctor will go through any aftercare instructions with you, and you will be given an appointment to return in a few days to remove any stitches or check any wounds.

The procedures we are able to do include:

  • Freezing and removal of warts (not genital warts).
  • Removal of small skin "lumps and bumps", e.g. moles, skin tags and cysts.
  • Injection of joints, e.g. steroid injections for arthritis.
  • Draining of excess fluid, e.g. from joints and cysts.
  • Nasal cautery, to stop frequent nose bleeds.
  Seaholm Surgery, Skerries, Co. Dublin
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